Walt Disney’s Secret Marketing Techniques

The Walt Disney Company for decades have been using secret marketing techniques that whether they work or not, they continue to use to this today in 2017. If they are doing it, there must be a marketing success element linked to it.

In this article we will give you the top six examples!

Courtesy: disney.wikia.com/wiki/Walt_Disney


Number One:

The most infamous and well known one is “The Little Mermaid” Movie Poster. If you haven’t heard the artist who designed the poster, secretly hide something in the poster. First take a second to look to see if you can notice it before reading further…


If haven’t noticed it, don’t worry we reveal it in the image below.

Now take a look at this!

Courtesty: http://www.reelrundown.com

Now that it is clear what the hidden image is. It makes you wonder WHY would Disney a company that is targeted to appeal for children. Why would they put a phallic image in the middle of their movie poster? Perhaps they were trying to subliminally appeal to the real consumer. The adult. Kids that would watch The Little Mermaid aren’t paying for the movie tickets, the parents are.

Number Two:

Courtesy: http://www.imdb.com

One secret that not many know, Disney secretly adds in the world recognized mickey mouse head shape into almost all of their films. A prime example of this takes place in Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl. Take a look at the cloud formation that arises into the air bearing a striking resemblance too…


Number 3: 

Walt Disney Pixar Films use this tactic in almost everyone if not all of their films. They plant objects, characters etc into their other movies. First lets show you a truck in the Toy Story films.


Now when you watch the movie Wall-e their is a scene with a very familiar looking truck…


Number 4: 

Pixar appears to use the law of repetition. The Pizza Planet truck continues to appear in multiple Pixar films. Again in the movie Cars. Lets see if you can spot it…


Number 5:

In the Walt Disney Pixar Film Monsters Inc. There is a particular scene where boo is handing a toy to James P. Sullivan the “good monster”. Does it look familiar?


Well if you are a fan of Pixar it’s a no brainer. But if you were unconscious of it would have gone right over your head. Or maybe even enter into your sub conscious to where you may think, I need to buy a Finding Nemo Blue Ray, Video Game, Toy etc. Or to maybe even keep Finding Nemo relevant for future spin offs like…

courtesy: http://www.imdb.com

Number 6:

The seemingly most used hidden object in the Pixar films is the Luxo Ball. The Luxo Ball dates back to one of the first short films Pixar produced which was at the beginning of their success.



This Luxo Ball appears in this scene and in many other the Pixar films. One example of this is the movie Up in 2009.

Courtesy: eeggs.com

This one shouldn’t be too hard to spot, but if you need help its in the bottom right corner.

After reviewing all of Disney’s secret marketing techniques it begs the question WHY? Is their any value gained from this? Does it cause subliminal triggers to buy? Does it reinforce the brand? Many questions can be asked but only the people at Disney have the real answers.

The conclusion of all this is that the Walt Disney Company does practice this form of marketing and they have been doing this for over 75 years and to present. It makes you think, does it work?