How to Cut Out an Image in Photoshop

This tutorial will teach how to cut an image out in Photoshop using the magic wand tool & the quick selection tool. This tutorial uses Photoshop CC and is for the PC.

Step 1: Open up Photoshop. Make a new document with the image you would like to crop and make sure the background contents are set to transparent.


Step 2:  Select the Magic Wand Tool. Using the Magic Wand Tool select the parts of the image that you would like to remove, then press delete or control x. This is excellent for removing parts of the image that are close in tone and color. To undo an unwanted selection press control d.


Step 3:  Select the Quick Selection Tool. Take notice of the top of your Photoshop, you will see a plus and minus (as seen in the second image below). This simply means you can either add or subtract to or from your selection. Use the quick selection tool in the same way you would use a paint brush. This is excellent for getting a closer crop on the image.

quickselection    addandsubstract

Final Image: Your final image should look like this with a transparent background. If you need further help or would like your images cropped for you,  Imagi Digital is the best choice.




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