Walt Disney’s Secret Marketing Techniques

The Walt Disney Company for decades have been using secret marketing techniques that whether they work or not, they continue to use to this today in 2017. If they are doing it, there must be a marketing success element linked to it.

In this article we will give you the top six examples!

Courtesy: disney.wikia.com/wiki/Walt_Disney


Number One:

The most infamous and well known one is “The Little Mermaid” Movie Poster. If you haven’t heard the artist who designed the poster, secretly hide something in the poster. First take a second to look to see if you can notice it before reading further…


If haven’t noticed it, don’t worry we reveal it in the image below.

Now take a look at this!

Courtesty: http://www.reelrundown.com

Now that it is clear what the hidden image is. It makes you wonder WHY would Disney a company that is targeted to appeal for children. Why would they put a phallic image in the middle of their movie poster? Perhaps they were trying to subliminally appeal to the real consumer. The adult. Kids that would watch The Little Mermaid aren’t paying for the movie tickets, the parents are.

Number Two:

Courtesy: http://www.imdb.com

One secret that not many know, Disney secretly adds in the world recognized mickey mouse head shape into almost all of their films. A prime example of this takes place in Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl. Take a look at the cloud formation that arises into the air bearing a striking resemblance too…


Number 3: 

Walt Disney Pixar Films use this tactic in almost everyone if not all of their films. They plant objects, characters etc into their other movies. First lets show you a truck in the Toy Story films.


Now when you watch the movie Wall-e their is a scene with a very familiar looking truck…


Number 4: 

Pixar appears to use the law of repetition. The Pizza Planet truck continues to appear in multiple Pixar films. Again in the movie Cars. Lets see if you can spot it…


Number 5:

In the Walt Disney Pixar Film Monsters Inc. There is a particular scene where boo is handing a toy to James P. Sullivan the “good monster”. Does it look familiar?


Well if you are a fan of Pixar it’s a no brainer. But if you were unconscious of it would have gone right over your head. Or maybe even enter into your sub conscious to where you may think, I need to buy a Finding Nemo Blue Ray, Video Game, Toy etc. Or to maybe even keep Finding Nemo relevant for future spin offs like…

courtesy: http://www.imdb.com

Number 6:

The seemingly most used hidden object in the Pixar films is the Luxo Ball. The Luxo Ball dates back to one of the first short films Pixar produced which was at the beginning of their success.



This Luxo Ball appears in this scene and in many other the Pixar films. One example of this is the movie Up in 2009.

Courtesy: eeggs.com

This one shouldn’t be too hard to spot, but if you need help its in the bottom right corner.

After reviewing all of Disney’s secret marketing techniques it begs the question WHY? Is their any value gained from this? Does it cause subliminal triggers to buy? Does it reinforce the brand? Many questions can be asked but only the people at Disney have the real answers.

The conclusion of all this is that the Walt Disney Company does practice this form of marketing and they have been doing this for over 75 years and to present. It makes you think, does it work?


Why your Business needs a Website



In 2017, people no longer just cold walk into businesses to see what they are about. They first google your business to see what you are all about. If you don’t have a website this will discourage consumers from walking into your doors. Even worse if the website you have looks ugly people will associate that to your business. In the rare case of them walking into your doors after doing their research they will already have a bad impression of your business. So it is very important to not just have a website but an outstanding website. So when potential customers google you, they will see you as a credible and valuable business.

Mobile Friendly


The importance of having a website is crucial but even more so is that your website needs to be mobile friendly as well. This means your website needs to break down to the mobile phone. Now, in 2017 more than 50% of consumers are using their smart phones to surf the web. If they google your website on their phone and see that it is not mobile friendly they will be turned off and go to a competitors website who is mobile friendly. This is especially important if you own a local business. Google is able to track the location of the consumers and the surrounding businesses. For example if you own a burger spot and a consumer google searches for a burger spot with a mobile friendly website you will appear above the websites who are not mobile friendly.

Why have a website for my Business

There are many reasons to have a website for your business. It gives your business a brand identity that will make consumers feel safe purchasing from you. It acts as a 24/7 sales person for whoever is searching for what you are selling. Also you can be potentially selling directly on your website.

Time for Questions

Having a website is a MUST in 2017 to compete in the market place today. We are here to help so if you have any questions or just need advice feel free to Contact Us Today


Long Island NY Web Design Agency

Imagi Digital’s main goal is to increase our clients traffic, revenue, and brand awareness. We take ownership of each project we work on. Your businesses success is just as important to our success, because if you succeed we succeed together.

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What is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?

Abraham Maslow was a game changing psychologist who created or some would say discovered the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is one of the most important theories off ALL TIME in relation to the world of advertising and marketing.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs


How does this theory apply to bettering my advertising and increasing sales?

He believed that people are motivated by subconscious wants and needs. He explains if you figure out someone’s wants and needs you have a greater chance at gaining their attention which will lead to them BUYING your product or service.


To approach advertising in philological way was GAME CHANGING to the industry. These approaches only snow balled from this point on as the industry became much larger and competitive. Maslow’s Hierarchy starts with the most basic survival needs like the need for water, food and shelter. To the needs for safety like security, steady employment and resources. As the chart goes up the needs become greater with the next two being love/belonging and esteem. This means to have people around who nurture you and make you feel loved. The very top need being self actualization which refers to reaching the absolute best an you can be.


Many people adopted this theory and have even put their own spin on it.

To understand the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is the up most importance if you want to do anything in Advertising, Marketing and Social Media.


How to Cut Out an Image in Photoshop

This tutorial will teach how to cut an image out in Photoshop using the magic wand tool & the quick selection tool. This tutorial uses Photoshop CC and is for the PC.

Step 1: Open up Photoshop. Make a new document with the image you would like to crop and make sure the background contents are set to transparent.


Step 2:  Select the Magic Wand Tool. Using the Magic Wand Tool select the parts of the image that you would like to remove, then press delete or control x. This is excellent for removing parts of the image that are close in tone and color. To undo an unwanted selection press control d.


Step 3:  Select the Quick Selection Tool. Take notice of the top of your Photoshop, you will see a plus and minus (as seen in the second image below). This simply means you can either add or subtract to or from your selection. Use the quick selection tool in the same way you would use a paint brush. This is excellent for getting a closer crop on the image.

quickselection    addandsubstract

Final Image: Your final image should look like this with a transparent background. If you need further help or would like your images cropped for you,  Imagi Digital is the best choice.




How to create a slogan

A diamond is forever… now we know you have heard that before but do you know where this saying actually comes from? If not that’s fine because most really don’t. “A diamond is forever” is a saying that is a part of our culture, but before that it was actually De Beers slogan to sell diamonds. And boy did those shiny rocks sell…


Great slogans like “A diamond is forever” have been around throughout history. These slogans still work, but to compete with today’s digital age your slogan also must adapt…! Now if you’re wondering HOW @#%! IS THIS DONE!? …. Good.

Fun Size

Before you can even think about the content of what your slogan will be, the most important key is that it must be memorable. This means your slogan must be short. Anything longer than four words is too long! You have to see yourself as the person reading your own slogan. If they can’t read it in under half a second it’s TOO LONG! They will pass it by and be on to the next thing that grabs their eye.

“So what… I make my slogan shorter. Will that really make the difference in them remembering it?”


If you really want an AMAZING slogan you need to maximize it in every way! So keeping it short is just one part of the puzzle. There’s a tune by a popular American Fast Food franchise, you know how it goes “ba da ba ba baaa i’m lovin it.” Did you just sing a little tune in your head? Great! Because that’s exactly what McDonalds wants you to do when read this. When words are catchy and have rhythm they are always more memorable, that’s just how our brains are wired.


“Okay so I have it short, it’s catchy so what? Will this really seal the deal with creating an AMAZING slogan?”


Meaning, Meaning, Meaning. Your slogan simply must mean something. It can be informative specific to your business like “a diamond is forever.” With a slogan like that, there is no guessing to what De Beers wants to sell you. Your slogan can also mean how you want the person to feel when they buy your product or service like McDonalds “I’m Lovin it.”

Now this is where amazing slogans end for traditional advertising… “But what about in today’s competitive market? How can you really make the most AMAZING slogan?”



What happens when someone wants to buy a product or service, they turn to good old Google. People often search with specific keywords to find their wants and needs. If you take advantage of the HOTTEST keywords in your industry, your slogan will be more likely to pop up organically in the search engines. What does this mean? More sales…

Put A LOT of thought into your slogan. It WILL help you bring in more money to your business. Hey, maybe you will also change our culture like De Beers did



Why your Website Needs SEO


Google is the number one search engine in the world. Whenever there is someone looking for a specific product or service. What happens when a user searches for something on Google. What will happen is a list will populate of the most credible websites according to Google’s SEO algorithm. Would you like your competition to be on the top of this list? Because their maximizing their SEO… are you?

Are advertisements the same as SEO?

No, buying advertisements online and SEO are two completely different things. SEO which is short for Search Engine Optimization. Google’s SEO algorithm is designed to provide the most value to the users. So it’s important you optimize your website to Google’s and all the major search engines standards.


Search Engine Optimization is based off a few factors. The first one being Keywords. When people search for something they want, they use key words. Those key words are pulled through google and may even be pulled directly from your website. So if you are using the right key words. Your product would likely appear over your competetion. Key words can be long tail key words which means they are very specific to your target audience. They can be low competetion keywords, these can be seen as gems because they are the easiest key words to conquer. This final bit of advice only applies to local businesses. Having reviews on your website from your local customers, will greatly increase your local SEO rankings higher.

The next factor is Back links. This simply means how many times does your website appear on another website. The best way you can accomplish this is by creating online content and distributing it across the web from blogs, forums, social media to even other websites. We specialize in Online Media and you can contact us today for free advice NOW

Search Engine Optimization could even be a bigger pay off then buying advertisements itself. So it’s very important you make your website as SEO friendly, AS POSSIBLE! We at Imagi Digital Specialize in Search Engine Optimization and Geographical SEO. Contact Us today for free advice.


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